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Air conditioning is an essential feature of homes in the Tri-State Area. However there is more than one way to maintain a perfectly cool indoor temperature and each option provides its own unique set of benefits. More and more, homeowners are choosing ductless cooling systems. If you’re thinking about upgrading your comfort, now’s a perfect time to start. J.E. Shekell, Inc. is just a phone call away and always happy to answer questions and fulfill your heating and cooling needs. We make sure you make the best choices and enjoy the rewards.

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Here are six advantages of duct mini split systems:

  • Zoning – Each indoor unit is controlled independently, allowing customized temperature. Unlike central air conditioning, there’s no need to cool the entire home. Zoning enables programing and targeting of individual rooms according to specific requirements, occupancy and preferences, improving comfort and efficiency.
  • Heating and cooling – Ductless mini split systems are heat pumps. Along with providing a source of cooling in the summer, the unit reverses the flow of refrigerant to supply the benefits of heating in the winter, maximizing the value of your investment.
  • Inverter technology – Unlike a conventional heat pump, ductless systems eliminate the need for backup heat strips. The system can handle very low temperatures. Through inverter technology, the system automatically adjusts output to achieve and maintain ideal indoor temperature effectively, efficiently and quickly.
  • Quiet operation – While central air conditioners tend to be noisy, ductless alternatives are extra quiet. The main components of the system are located outside of the home. You’ll only realize it’s running by the comfort of the home.
  • No ductwork needed – For homes without conventional ductwork, mini-splits are a helpful alternative. There is no demolition, tearing down walls, major mess or disruption to the home for installation. The experts from J.E. Shekell, Inc. typically have your new ductless systems operational in a single afternoon.
  • Flexibility – You have options for location of equipment. The indoor air handlers connect to the outdoor unit by way of conduits and a very small hole in an exterior wall. Requiring little more than mounting capabilities and access to electricity, they can be installed up high on the wall or even into the ceiling.

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Had them install a new Heat Pump mini split into a new addition of our house. Both technicians were knowledgeable in the equipment being installed and walked us through how to use the unit and how to maintain the unit. Overall a very good experience and would use their services again.

Jonathon M.

I really can’t say enough about the professionalism of this company. Great customer service. Everyone I came into contact with, specifically Troy and Hannah, knew their stuff and were extremely helpful.

Brooke W.

We have used J.E. Shekell for many years. They have always been very responsive to all of our needs (electrical, plumbing, AC, heating, installation, repair, and maintenance). When we call them, we know it will be done professionally and completely.

Shannon A.

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