Backflow prevention plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety, integrity, and quality of your water supply. It protects drinking water from contamination and prevents potential health risks. Moreover, backflow prevention safeguards infrastructure, preserves the environment, and promotes the overall safety and well-being of your community. Whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or residential buildings, backflow prevention devices are a necessity.

Trusted Backflow Prevention Services Since 1978

Since 1978, the expert plumbers at J.E. Shekell, Inc. have been providing reliable backflow prevention services to residential and commercial customers in Evansville, IN, and surrounding areas. Backflow prevention is essential to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the clean water supply. Issues with backflow can arise rapidly when contaminants like chemicals and bacteria infiltrate the drinking water, leading to severe health risks and sickness. To safeguard the health and well-being of your family or employees, call J.E. Shekell, Inc. for proper backflow prevention equipment installation. Not only will it keep your family safe, but it will also help reduce costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Understanding Backflow and Its Risks

Maintaining significant water pressure is vital for ensuring proper water flow from taps, showers, and other plumbing fixtures. However, interruptions in water pressure due to malfunctions or high demand can lead to a reduction in pressure, potentially allowing the reverse flow of contaminated water. In such cases, water from the soil, storage, or other sources may be drawn back into clean water lines, resulting in exposure to harmful substances like pesticides, chemicals, fertilizer, feces, and other health risks. At J.E. Shekell, Inc., our skilled plumbers are committed to providing straightforward, trustworthy, and sustainable backflow prevention solutions throughout Indiana.

Expert Backflow Prevention & Backflow System Testing

At J.E. Shekell, Inc., we specialize in Backflow Prevention and Backflow System Testing. Our experienced team assesses your specific needs and ensures the proper installation of check valves to prevent contaminated water from flowing back and contaminating the clean water supply during pressure drops. With prompt and expert service, we keep your water supply safe. Once these valves are in place, an annual inspection is necessary to verify proper operation and comply with local codes. Our fully licensed and qualified technicians handle installation, yearly testing, and repairs for all types of prevention equipment.

Call J.E. Shekell, Inc. for Backflow Preventer Inspections & Service

By prioritizing backflow prevention measures, we ensure a safer and healthier environment for our homes and businesses. For a hassle-free and obligation-free analysis, call our expert plumbing professionals today at (812) 512-9630. With two convenient locations, J.E. Shekell, Inc. offers a full range of Backflow and plumbing services across Indiana. Trust us as your reliable plumbing partner for all your backflow prevention needs.

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These guys are great. We have used them for years. They have replaced both HVAC units, water heater, water softener, garbage disposal, faucets, etc. Always go the extra mile. This week, Greg was our service tech for our scheduled maintenance.

Carl W.

I really can’t say enough about the professionalism of this company. Great customer service. Everyone I came into contact with, specifically Troy and Hannah, knew their stuff and were extremely helpful.

Brooke W.

Thomas went beyond expectations to help solve our furnace/thermostat questions. He also understood when he should ask for extra help, and arranged for us to get it. Thomas was courteous and efficient.

Ana S.

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